Updating windows vista to windows 7

Launched in 2007 (after a few delays), it was the first Windows overhaul since the well-loved XP release in 2001.

Which means, if you're somehow stuck with Microsoft's least popular operating system, it's time to move on. That lack of support after April 11—which applies to Internet Explorer 9 as well—doesn't just mean basic inattention.

The site also allows you to browse or search for software that is officially supported.

Remember before starting the process that you’re connected to the Internet because during this step you’ll want to get the latest updates for the install. Custom would be used if you’re doing a clean install. There will be about three or four reboots while the process completes.

After each reboot you should see different tasks on the list showing they have completed.

The last step will be Transferring Files, settings, and programs.

After the final reboot you will see the message that setup is checking video performance. Then select if you want to turn on automatic updates. Select where your computer is located, which in our example is on a Home Network.

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