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Thus, vocalist Brett Anderson, guitarist Allison Robertson, bassist Maya Ford, and drummer Torry Castellano became Donna A., Donna R., Donna F., and Donna C.Before 1995 was out, they played their first gig as the Donnas, and released their first single under that name on Radio X.Launched with a new wave of publicity, the Donnas' label debut, Spend the Night, arrived in 2002 and became their first album to break into the Top 100 of the pop charts.It also earned them their biggest radio hit to date in the single "Take It Off," whose video also got some MTV airplay.

The Donnas quickly became underground punk favorites, and even landed some attention from mainstream media like MTV.The female drummers of note are listed by their level of prominence, and you can be sorted by various bits of information like date of birth or birthplace.There are thousand of females working as drummers in the world, but this list highlights only the notable ones.In the summer of 2003, the Donnas played the main stage on the revived Lollapalooza tour.That September, after a full year and a half of touring and promoting, the girls took a break to rest up.

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