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Después de su instalación, me apareció el mensaje "Updating ESCD..." y se queda bloqueado en ese punto. He quitado la controladora, he desconectado discos duros y demás, pero sigue quedándose bloqueado en el mismo punto. Allí le dices que "olvide" los parámetros y empiece de nuevo, no me acuerdo exactamente cual es la frase en Ingles, buscala, que es fácil de encontrar, en caso negativo ...

quítale la pila a tu placa madre y, siguiendo las instrucciones del manual de la misma ... Cuando vuelvas a ponerle la pila y arranques de nuevo ... Eso mismo intenté antes de leer tu respuesta, pero me temo que hemos producido un cortocircuito y que nos hemos cargado la placa.

SO yes it could just be the battery causing the system to hang but to be honest ive come across more than one 486 mainboard that hangs at that screen, sometimes it doesnt have the message displayed below the table of information and gets stuck or it will be himem testing extended memory, unfortunately this is one of the issues when 486 boards dont behave. Now I got some DALLAS replacements ordered from e Bay and will replace it when my soldering gear arrives.

Really hoping it will fix it It doesn't remember any settings, even while being powered on.

Si tu n'as pas ajouté une composant que ton Windows bloque quand même donc une ou des composants ont un problème.

Got this 486 today and although it was advertised as fully working (it came as a kit of all the required parts).

I further found out that I could restart (ie, no power down) and still be fine, but everytime I booted after a power down, I would need to go in and manually enable ESCD reset.(when everything is working fine, windows recognizes an enhanced USB controller, but does not when the card isn't working right -there are still USB controllers recognized, just not the enhanced (USB 2.0 I assume).

If it takes longer that 20 minutes you may have a condition where the update is hanging.

The message "Verfying DMI Pool Data" is the message you receive when the system configuration has changed.

Windows XP is probably using the DMI pool to identify the hardware for verfiying the Activation.

SMS is a great tool for systems administrators as it allows the administrator to inventory computers remotely.

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