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The incident is not released to the public, triggering Helen's instinctive journalistic curiosity to ask. Helen convinces her new editor Nick Robertson that there must be more to the incident known as Flight 313, then JASP Airlines and the aviation regulators are admitting to.

Trainee journalist Natasha Stevens joins Helen to investigate matters further.

It conveys a message without the need for theatrics or a melodramatic soundtrack. My only criticism was the unnecessary introduction which served no purpose but to give a background introduction to the protagonist.

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It is concerning how little regard there is for collateral damages (in this case, the health and safety of the paying customer).Because I want to avoid revealing any reader’s identity, I’m changing the specifics of his emails.I’m not going to change the general tone or point of the emails but I am trying to ensure he remains anonymous by changing some of the specifics.As they probe the aviation industry for answers, a well-orchestrated pattern of denial emerges and they soon discover they are not the first to ask difficult ...In our world of capitalism in which greedy corporations seek to meet their year-on-year profit margins, collateral damage is regarded as acceptable risks.

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