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This, owing to my paid gig on Patreon, now just shy of 500 ... 15k will drive the final nail into diet blogging for me. Did TASS warn the 62 Million people of "huge losses" who were killed by the Soviet Union, back in the day? I want anyone else out there who's scared to death, or whatever, to do likewise; today.

Read More At the end of September I gave a talk on cryptocurrency at the 21 Convention in Orlando, Florida. Read More A few nights ago I texted someone y'all know. Whereas my normal gettyup time now is -am, I languished insac until 8am the next morning. Back in August, when I was chewing on what to do next—as my Free The Animal diet blogging was just not really doing it for me, nor the revival of excitement ... Russia’s Central Bank warns cryptocurrency bubble may result in huge losses for consumers Uh, thanks for the "warning," dipshits. Once in, perhaps they'll consider becoming Patrons ...

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The public release of that video will be forthcoming at a future time and I'll publish it here when it does. Curious about Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency phenomenon? After clearing my eyes, I checked the markets first thing, just as I used to do a dozen years ago when trading the S&P 500 ... Read More[Crossposted from Patreon] Greetings patrons and general public. Read More So I think you can get a subscription for about 50 bucks per year.

Read More[Reposted from Patreon] I don't know if you've been following the story over the last couple of days but it's emotional on many levels. Well, after 9.5 hours on the road yesterday in a motorhome, from Santa Barbara, CA—a 1-night stopover and hosting of Dr. It may be 0, but they'll give it to you any time you want for , so long as you buy before midnight tonight. I'm a subscriber, as well as to a few other operators who do the exact same thing: Agora, Altucher, Casey, etc.

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