Dating the aquarius woman

Do not take it personal if she dismisses you out of her life.

It may be a temporary or permanent, but it is better to break ties early on.

Stay Focused to Win Her They prefer to stay close to home, or have gatherings in small settings.

Aquarius women are “busybodies”, and this is not a reference to their sexual habits.

If you want to settle down with an Aquarius woman, be prepared to be on the go for a lifetime.

My impression is that she is definitely driven for success, loves intellectual stimulation, and is very up-front with what she wants. My family found her detached, competent, but not warm.

These women love to have a good time; cherish the little things in life.

Aquarius women are down-to-earth; they dislike argumentative and arrogant people. Core Personality Traits Aquarius women are naturally defiant, yet easy-going with their partners.

Having male and female friends is quite common for Aquarians.

This particular Aquarius forced me to break off our relationship after changing an arranged meeting (we lived far apart from each other) with each other, not once but twice.

She continued to follow me around online and cajoled my friend to get information about me.

Social Life and Misguided Emotions Do not assume that an Aquarian woman is single. In time — they will tell you — be prepared for good or bad news.

Meeting new people and establishing new friendships is second nature, but these relationships may not last long.

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