Dating a former meth addict

A mathematics professor (Neil Hopkins), in a race against time to publish his research, turns to cocaine.

His colleague and girlfriend (Susan May Pratt) seeks William's help.

who, as an addictions counselor, has helped such people as Mel Gibson, Courtney Love, and Whitney Houston.

On October 27, 2008 A&E declared they would pick up a second season of The Cleaner.

William's one-way communications with God are somewhat of a theme during the series, implying that his faith plays an important role in his sobriety.

However, whether all the scenes where Banks is shown praying out loud to God are real or whether they are simply illustrations of what is going on in his mind, are left ambiguous to the viewers.

Banks appears to believe that his work is a calling and will therefore work pro bono if a client is too poor to afford his services.

In order to save Giles, William must go to battle with a ruthless Aryan supremacist (Michael Cudlitz) that supplies people with drugs in exchange for stolen merchandise.

His success at cleaning people's addictions has gained him the respect of the LAPD and other officials, who almost always turn a blind eye to the vigilante's methods.

In fact, the LAPD and other law officials will frequently refer clients to Banks.

Only then does William realize that the FBI agent lied to him: the man is not only her ex-partner, but the father of her unborn child--and a pawn in a larger power struggle within the FBI.

Meanwhile, Ben is found to have run off to the home of his paternal grandfather (Raymond J.

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